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Home Theatre & TV systems

If you live and breathe movies and music, then make the most of your space and equipment by getting it installed by the best.



Things to consider


TV – make sure your TV has the right connections to go with your sound system. Ask us if you are not sure

Power - Consider 30 watts or more per channel for a smallish lounge, for a large room you can need 100 watts or a subwoofer

Cabling - We suggest using quality HDMI cables for both HD video and digital audio signals. Walker Electrotec can help you hide unsightly cables. Having a unit that includes a blu-ray player, receiver and tuner cuts back on cable & clutter.

Picture outputs - The video signal from your home theatre system can get to your TV using several formats. HDMI is currently the best for HD video. Older composite video (usually a yellow RCA plug) is available on all models and gives the lowest quality. S-video is a little better than composite, and component video (which splits the video signal into 3 colour components) is better still.

Receiver - Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Digital and DTS are systems that send the sounds to the proper  speakers.

Upscaling – some systems try to fit a lower resolution to a higher one eg HD, this system isn’t perfect but it can help.

Amplifier -  Get a good brand and spend money on this item. Amplifiers ensure good sound is produced through quality speakers

Speakers - Your average home theatre system has 5 speakers, each play different sounds to complete a ‘theatre’ type stereo sound effect. You should choose good quality speakers from reputable brands. Look for a bit of weight.

Satellite speakers - There are 2 pairs of surround speakers (left and right, front and back) for localised sound effects. It's best to have them mounted at the same level as the TV or slightly above the viewers. The best systems let you set the location of the speakers.

Centre speaker - This handles most dialogue and sounds from the central focus of the picture. It's aligned with the centre of the TV.

Subwoofer – this speaker give heavy bass sounds enhancement, you might even feel them. Location isn’t critical with this speaker, a built-in amplifier comes with ‘active subwoofers’.

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