Rates & Pricing

Our rates as detailed below are completely transparent.

There is a minimum 1.5 hour charge, however thereafter you will only be charged in 30 minute increments.

All Rates exclude the cost of materials and are subject to 15% GST.

Monday - Friday  

8am-5pm               $75 per hr (1.5 hr minimum charge)

After hours             $50 call out fee + 1.5 hr minimum charge.


8am-5pm               $50 call out fee + 1.5 hr minimum charge.

Over 4 hours         $95 per hr. No call out fee.

After hours            $50 call out fee + $95 per hr. No minimum charge

Christmas Holiday break

23rd Dec -  5th Jan $100 minimum call out fee applies on any day during this period. See public holiday rates also.

Public Holiday & Long Weekends 

8am-5pm              $75 per hr. $150 call out fee + 1.5 hr minimum charge.

Over 4 hours         $95 per hr. $150 call out fee.

After hours            $95 per hr. $150 call out fee + 1.5 hr minimum charge.

Long weekend rates apply to all days in that weekend, not just the public holiday.

Special circumstances or pre-scheduled work may be taken into consideration during these times. Then standard rates apply.

Other standard charges

Travel charges                      $0.94 per km. 


Code of Compliance            $20 per COC.

Fees                                     Estimates exclude all third party fees unless specified. These include but are not limited to; inspections, power                                              company connection & council fees.


Due 7 days following invoice unless specified otherwise.

Milestone/progress payments may be required.

Ask us about credit applications.

Estimates              Please contact us directly for all new installation works or any quotations required.

            Small projects:     Free electrical estimates over the phone for small electrical projects and basic electrical & lighting services.

            Larger projects:   Such as tenant improvements or new construction we offer a free onsite assessment as well as competitive bidding for

                                         your commercial and residential  electrical projects.