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If you have a building project underway, getting the right electrical plan is the key to a functional home. We have extensive experience planning and executing the work, right down to water and pumping solutions and can advise on council requirements and regulations. 



Things to consider


Reviews - See what our customers say about working with us. 5 stars makes a difference!


Design - We will help you with your electrical design and layout so that your project goes smoothly. All too often, time and money is needlessly wasted on remodelling and renovation projects due to poor planning.


Scheduling  - is also a major part of remodeling. We will help you coordinate your electrical installation with other trades and make sure your project goes in the order it should.


Paperwork - We provide all code of compliance documentation. We work regularly with our local inspectors, and have a great track record - which is important because failed inspections can really hold up a project.


Qualified - Our staff are registered and qualified to complete the job. Don't get a cowboy!


Local knowledge - We know the people and the area, so if you are from out of town we can co-ordinate your renovation for you.




On time
In Budget
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