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Pumping systems

What's town supply again? Outside of Whitianga you need to pump your own water. We are experienced and on call right through the summer months when those annoying breakdowns happen.


Water pumping, water tanks, irrigation and all the associated electrical controls. From industrial water treatment and bore pumping, to simple under the bench, home water filters.


Pools and pool pumps are also something we can help with


Things to consider


Consider these factors for performance when selecting a pump:
Head – Head pressure is a measure of power. "Vertical discharge head pressure" describes the vertical lift in height at which the pump can no longer exert enough pressure to move water.


Power & Load – How much liquid can the pump move? power is measured in horsepower. Pumps with higher capacities and horsepower are suited to larger tasks.

Longevity – the material that the pump is made out of is important to lifespan.

Power Sources – Most domestic water pumps run on Electricity but depending on the situation other varieties might be useful: Gasoline, diesel, hydraulics, natural gas, compressed air or manual.

We supply and install the pump you need. Contact us for a competitive price

Pumps for Hire

We have pumps that you can use while yours is being repaired

Cold Showers?!
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