Home Heating

A heat pump is an economical way to get your home heating sorted. It’s healthy, cost effective and nice and keeps us all warm and toasty.


Heat transfer is a great way to keep your home healthy, we supply and install transfer units.



Things to consider


Air Con – Heat pumps cool the air too. Get out of the heat in summer by choosing an all in one unit


What type of system do you need? – We can help you choose a type of heat pump that is suitable for your house plan.


Warm in Winter or Cool in Summer? - which is most important? What features will be useful? If you live in a frost-prone area there are essential things to know.

Near the coast? - some heat pumps have corrosion resistant fins. This is important if you live near salt water as this is often a part on the heat pump that will break down over time. Contact us to find the right heat pump for your environment


Size Matters – We can help you determine the size of heat pump that you need for your house. Or use this helpful EECA calculator 


Stars??? – Highly rated home heating appliances can save you money. Learn about Energy Star and Star ratings.


Which brand is the best – Walker Electrotec only sell reliable Heat pumps. We have brands you can trust and come with warranties for your security.


The importance of installation - the right installer can make a big difference, Walker Electrotec are trained to install reliable brands correctly.


We supply and install Fujitsu heat pumps.

Reliable brands at great prices

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