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Level 3 - Tradies: What To Expect

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Yay, we're at level 3! Go Wild!


At level 3 conditions of work have never been more strict about when and how construction workers can go about business.

Our company is fully committed to to Covid-19 Health & Safety.

  • Our workers are in a bubble

  • Our workers are trained

  • Our procedures are robust

  • We want everyone to be safe

Yup, after home school, we turned on some cartoons and took a good couple of afternoons reading the advice given by our industry advisors & applied it to our business.

In fact we suggest that you understand it too. Construction Health & Safety New Zealand is a great place to start from Residential and Trades: What To Expect

We will discuss your job and circumstances with you prior to starting work.

We have made our procedures available to other local electricians so that everyone can be safe.

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