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How we keep you Safe: Covid-19

We're READY!

Level 3 sees the lifting of some restrictions - but it doesn't mean that we let go of the safety of our clients and staff, in fact we've reviewed and improved our practices.

Our staff are trained in Covid-19 transmission. We carry all required PPE including masks, hand sanitizer & disinfecting wipes. It's our practice to wipe down every surfac e we have touched when we leave. We use our own pens & we record your details ourselves so you don't touch anything we have.

We call you first to check if you have vulnerable people onsite, and discuss how we can isolate our work environment.

Our complete H&S documentation is available for you to review. We know we have a robust system, and we are happy to share it with other trades. We have always supported our community - this is forefront of our minds in a crisis.

We are guided by the Ministry of Heath (MOH), The Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWBD) & the Construction Sector Health & SAfety Framework (CHASENZ). Our protocols are reviewed by our Health & Safety consultants KIS2

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