Lighting Design

Make your house a home with the very best lighting plan. We know how it will look once its finished and we can create the image in your mind.


Take a look at Lighting Plus. They have a DIY lighting designer on their website. 



Things to consider


Switch placement - This is key to intuitive lighting design. If you can't find the switch, then how do you turn it on? Consider your main walking paths in the house. 


Type of Lighting - Do you want to create a warm glow or a bright study area.


Features - Make the most of your home's features & art work by highlighting them - but don't over do it.


Outdoor - It's not just about security lights, do you have patio or garden lighting to consider?


LED -  You can literally save thousands by using the right type of bulbs. They rarely blow and emit better quality light. There is a bulb for EVERY requirement.


Fixtures - We can supply these from our catalogues or install ones you have already chosen.  Ask us to beat your prices


Replacing lights - check the total wattage of the current light as well as the rating of the new fixture to ensure they match


Choose your own fittings - We recommend Lighting Plus. They have a great range of lights and all come with a DoC (Declaration of Conformance). Without one of these you may void your insurance! We offer discounts on their products too.


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Indoor Lighting

Chandeliers make a beautiful statement whether they are placed in a foyer or over the dining room table. Indoor wall lights, flush mount lights and semi-flush mount lights are available in an infinite number of color and style options to complement your style. Task lighting is an important factor to consider when lighting the interior of your home. Pendant lights are perfect when installed over islands, tables or desks.